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    TECHSKY is committed to turbocharger nozzlering assembly manufacturing in China. With more than ten years’ experience inturbocharger parts precision machining, in addition with the introduction anddigestion of mainstream technology of nozzle ring assembly manufacturingprocess, TECHSKY now supports the domestic first-class OEM business and hasachieved success on several OEM projects.

    Different from traditional manufacturingcompanies whose expansion relies on large and complete equipment investment,TECHSKY adopts technology-leading mode, closely follows the most advancedproducts and technology and has formed a self-developed manufacturing processwhich is based on deep understanding in materials, processing and heattreatment technologies. Moreover, all equipment, tooling and inspection systemsare completely designed independently by TECHSKY.

    With better understanding of product,TECHSKY's internal control standards are much higher than industry standards.Therefore, a number of OEM projects validation tests were passed with only oneattempt which greatly reduced product development cycle and saved for customersvaluable time.